Young Student Policy

Most of our classes are designed for students 16 years of age and older.  With the consent of the management and legal guardian, students ages 16~18 may attend adult classes unaccompanied by an adult.

We currently accept children older than 10-15 years old to attend our regular classes, always being accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian.   If your child is between 10 and 15 years old, you must obtain permission specifically from the management at least 24 hours IN ADVANCE of their first class at the studio.  It is then at the management discretion to allow a minor into an adult class and you must follow the following criteria:

  • Only the parent or legal guardian can give consent for the minor to practice yoga and must sign a separate consent form.
  • You must place your mat next to your child’s.
  • You must ensure your child is not disruptive and is capable of following instructions.
  • If your child gets tired we suggest to have him/her rest until class is over.
  • A child will not be allowed in the practice room or lobby without supervision
  • Children are not allowed to sit on the corner or lobby just “hanging” while class is in progress.
  • If your child becomes disruptive you both might be ask to leave class