100HR Yoga Mentorship Program and Advanced yoga training

Find your voice as yoga teacher with the guidance of an expert trainer
Develop your voice as yoga teacher

Our 100HR yoga mentorship program and advanced yoga training for yoga teachers is an apprenticeship opportunity for yoga graduates.  With this program, the less experienced yoga teachers develop confidence finding their “voice”.   Additionally, participants fulfill advanced yoga studies to become eligible as 300HR yoga certified with Yoga Alliance.  

A trusted yoga mentor from Shakti Yoga Center helps yoga participants to stay committed to their personal practice.  To this end, the curriculum deepens the understanding on asana, pranayama and meditation concepts.  In the same way, participants refine their sequencing and teaching skills.  

Why a mentorship program?  Let’s face it, most programs act like puppy mills.  Their main goal is to recruit as many people as possible.  However, after graduation they throw new yoga teachers to “swim in uncharted waters”.

I remember when I first completed my 200HR certification.   I was very “green” to lead classes and made a lot of mistakes.   Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an experienced yoga mentor willing to coach me.   I was looking for a trusted yoga counselor who could help me develop my confidence and experience.  I also was very insecure on my sequences but I couldn’t consult anyone.  

For this reason, our 100HR yoga mentorship program aims not only to share our mission but also fill the gaps, between theory and the reality of a teaching environment.

PREREQUISITES to enroll in 100HR Yoga mentorship program

This program is open to yoga practitioners who:

300Hr advanced yoga training
Hand written journaling creates an inner conversation.
  • Have concluded a minimum 200-hour yoga training program – regardless of style or lineage
  • Have satisfied regular attendance of 3 classes per week at Shakti Yoga Center for 2 months prior to start the mentorship.   
  • Have a strong commitment to maintain a regular practice at the studio (minimum of 3 classes per week), until completing the program.
  • The yoga practitioner will also develop the discipline of hand-written journaling.   The journal will be the base to prepare a final project and be eligible for graduation.

About the 100HR Mentorship Program with Shakti Yoga Center

teacher, guide, coach, yoga mentor
Having the direct supervision of an expert yoga mentor can ensure a long rewarding career

The mentorship program provides a unique experience in continuing education.  Moreover, yoga teachers refine their skills thru an in-depth study of asana, pranayama and meditation practice during 4 months of mentorship.   Next, teachers in mentorship work on effective teaching skills, proper sequencing, drawing and reading sequences with stick figures and proper understanding or asana adaptation for different populations.

Besides, teachers meet privately 1.5hr per week with a mentor who answers questions, discuss sequences, and provides guidance to help them overcome mental blockages.  At the same time, our mentorship program has flexible hours and is made up of the following components:

Part 1:  2-month Pre-requisite, Student enrolls and signs mentorship program that outlines required reading, homework, minimum attendance requirements and scope of the program.  As a result, during these 2 months the student attends a minimum of 3 classes per week.  Student will be credited 20HRS towards the program.

Part 2: Months 1-4,   In addition to keeping a regular practice at the studio, we schedule a weekly 1.5hr mentorship session.   Next, the teacher in mentorship will start teaching class every other week as instructed by her mentor.  Likewise, during off weeks the student will be given responsibilities to support his/her growth as a teacher which may include but are not limited to scribing sequences, assisting, desk support, homework, etc.    

  • An approximate calculation of credit hours is as follows:
    • 12 HRS of practice per month +
    • 6HRS of one:one mentorship per month +
    • 6HRS teaching duties per month = 24HRS of credit per month
      • Until completing 80HRS

OUTLINE for the 100HR mentorship program for Yoga Teachers:

  • Private Mentorship Sessions with a trusted yoga counselor

    Upon completing the pre-requisite 2-month attendance, the new yoga teacher meets weekly with his/her mentor. These sessions are structured to outline goals and objectives and discuss the yoga mentee’s progress. The mentee is also responsible to complete reading and writing assignments as previously instructed by the mentor.  All home study must be completed by the agreed deadlines.

  • Personal Practice

    The mentee attends a minimum of three classes per week at the studio.  At least one weekly class must be with the mentor or a second teacher that the mentor recommends.  Shakti Yoga Center includes a 6 month membership for unlimited classes in the cost of the program –  2 month pre-requisite plus 4 months of mentorship.

  • Observation, Scribing & Assisting 

    Initially, the yoga practitioner observes the mentor’s class and has a brief discussion afterwards to answer any questions that may have arisen regarding sequencing, assists, etc.

    • If the mentor deems it appropriate, the mentee leads one or two poses in class (up to 4 classes during the first month).
  • Practice Teaching

    During months 2-4 of the program, the yoga graduate teaches one full-length class every other week. The trainer observes and provides feedback, plus answers any questions by the mentee.  The coach also assists the mentee during class, in cases where students require special adaptations for the postures.

  • Personal Study
    300HR yoga teacher certification
    Meeting 1:1 with a qualified mentor accelerates your growth as a teacher.

    The yoga counselor assigns reading and writing projects to complete, custom-tailored to enhance the mentee’s sequencing skills and/or refine any fields of study.


This unique program starts at any time during the year.   We coordinate with the availability of a mentor at Shakti Yoga Center.

$1,600 paid in full upon acceptance to the program.


Depending on the yoga practitioner interests and availability, there might be opportunities available at Shakti Yoga Center to share your talent with us and grow your career with us upon successful completion of the program.


Please e-mail a letter of intent to Patricia Alonso at ShaktiGarland@gmail.com and include the following:

  • Please introduce yourself and share a bit of your yoga journey with us (one paragraph)
  • Explain your goals, and your challenges as a teacher and as pupil (one paragraph)
  • One additional paragraph sharing anything you feel relevant

Shakti Yoga Center is registered as School of Yoga for Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Alliance. Patricia Alonso is approved as Continuing Education provider with Yoga Alliance YACP.  Shakti Yoga Center is located in downtown Garland, TX