Yoga Anatomy & Principles of Alignment

June 14~16, 2019

Investment $400.   Early bird $325 thru May 15, 2019. Sign up here

In an ideal world, all practitioners in each class would be at the same level, but that’s not realistic.  In this workshop we will dissect each pose based on anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics.  We will use our curiosity and creativity to use asana adaptation along 

with props to customize yoga for each student.

Join us to examine our somatic self:  A holistic view of the human experience. What is the best alignment for you and your student?  What transition and pathway makes best sense for you and/or your student when you move from one posture to the next one?

Objective: This training will equip you with skills and techniques to make all our students safe and comfortable in your class, providing equal attention and care to address each of your students’ needs.  Each student will understand our multidimensional complexity:  How our emotions affect our heart rate, which affects our muscles. We are a magnificanet symphony of existence.

This module fulfills Yoga Alliance requirements for 20 CEU’s. It is also a core component of our 200 HR YTT.


  • Friday: Lecture: 6pm – 9pm
  • Saturday: Yoga practice: 8.30am ~ 9.45am; Lecture: 11.15am ~ 2:30pm & 3pm ~ 7pm
  • Sunday: Review: 9am ~ 10am; Yoga practice: 10am ~ 11.30am; Lecture: 1pm~ 4pm


  • Anatomy of the body:  Skeletal & muscular system
  • Principles of bio-mechanics
  • Study of key muscle in most common yoga postures
  • Study of breath & movement
  • Making Yoga accessible:
    • Sun Salutations & warm-ups
    • Backbends & Laterals
    • Forward Bends &Twists
    • Arm & Leg balance
    • Inverstions

Required book:  

  • Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff

Other recommended books that can help you to deepen your understanding of yoga anatomy (not required):   Ray Long’s books on Yoga Anatomy

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