Study of Human Energy & Asana

Dates April 20~22, 2018

Price for this module is $350 + $50 registration fee.   Early bird $300 [waives registration fee and saves $50 off tuition], EB deadline March 30, 2018.   Sign up here

There is literature on the ancient Indian system of yoga regarding its positive effects on various physiological systems.  Learn how to create a yoga practice with intentional desired energetic effects to improve your wellness and present awareness.

This training is ideal for new and experienced yoga teachers as well as mind-body fitness professionals, body workers, nurses, and physical and occupational therapists, social workers, mental health professionals of all kinds, life coaches. Interested yoga practitioners with a desire to learn more about refining your Yoga practice are also welcome

This module fulfills Yoga Alliance requirements for 22 CEU’s. It is also a core component of our 200 HR YTT.


  • Fridays:  6pm – 9pm 
  • Saturdays:  8.30am – 6pm
  • Sundays:  9am – 4pm
  • 2.5 credit hrs for homework assignments

What you can expect:

  • Understanding categories of Asana and their energetic effect
  • Backbends, Laterals & Brmhana Energy
  • Forward bends, Twists & Langhana Energy
  • Inversions, Axial Extensions & Samana Energy
  • Leg & Arm Balances & Drishti
  • Anatomy: Upper body, Lower Body, Hip, Shoulder girdle and the Foot
  • Designing a Brmhana sequence
  • Designing a Langhana sequence
  • Designing a Samana sequence
  • Designing a Drishti / Sthira sequence


> Module 4:  Foundations of Ayurveda

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