DFW Free Day of YOGA

with SYC’s amazing staff

September 4th, all day

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Join us on Sept 4th for a full day of events in celebration to the Annual DFW Free day of Yoga.   We are hosting four (4) amazing classes thru the day, completely free and with live music including Singing bowls at 7.30AM, Drums at 3pm, Uplift mix at 5pm and Kirtan at 6pm.   We will close the day with a wonderful live concert by Daniel Katsük and Ryan Taylor.    

  • Everyone (members and non-members) are welcome to attend Kirtan and 1 (ONE) yoga class for free.   Additional classes can be added at $10 drop in.  We welcome children & teens (7~16 y/o) with their parent/legal guardian
  • Entry fee to the concert is $10.  Please refrain from bringing toddlers to our events. 

7.30AM: Back to Basics ~ Free Yoga Class (75 mins)

with Patricia Alonso

Kick off your FDOY with yoga sequences and expert guidance on foundational yoga poses.  Get answers to your questions on all the yoga basics. Build strength and confidence to take your yoga practice deeper.  This class is perfect for beginners & re-beginners.

We will conclude with a soft meditation of sound with Crystal singing bowls, leaving you ready to enjoy the parade scheduled in the Downtown square afterwards.   Space is limited to 25 students

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12.30PM ~ Free Thai Massage for Couples & Friends (2hrs)

by Patricia Alonso, LMT

Learn how you and a partner can ease each other’s tensions, cleanse and attune your pranamaya kosha (energy body), and practice loving kindness, with each other.  

Class is limited to 16 students.   You don’t have to have a partner to attend.  Anyone attending solo will be paired up with another person.

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3PM ~ Shamanic Vinyasa & Drum Circle ~ Free Class

by Jordan Jones & Ryan Taylor

Join us for this meaningful asana class that will be combine the awesome vibration of drums played live by Ryan Taylors and will reinforce your foundation at ease.   After the class grab a drum and join our drum circle!   All levels of practice are welcome.  Limited to 20 students

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5PM ~ Free Bhakti Yoga class & Uplift live music

by Nancy Daniels & Daniel Katsük 

Join us in this class that promises to have everything you need to close your Free Day of Yoga: Master teacher Nancy Daniels accompanied by the brilliant musician Daniel Katsük will weave a beautiful Yoga practice incorporating Asana, Pranayama, and a guided Meditation all to a symphony of wonderful sound played live. This will be a truly special practice giving you an opportunity to go deep.  Class will be limited to a lucky 20 students.

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6PM: Live Kirtan ~ Free Class

by Lavanga & the Kyari Project

Heard of kirtan, but never had a chance to give it a try?  Join us in this method of musical meditation and experience the joy of Bhakti for yourself.  We’ll be singing mantras in a call and response fashion, raising the energy by raising our voices together and feeling the love!  It’s a perfect way to end your full day of asana, though it very well may get you off your feet once again to dance.  Stay for the concert afterwards!

No registration is needed, just come over and sing with us!

7PM: Conscious Uplift World Concert

with Daniel Katsük & Ryan Taylor

Entry fee:  $10

Bringing a joyful reverence for a science that is ancient and powerful, Daniel Katsük understands fully that to be truly flexible, laughter wins.  Having performed as a musician on stage for over 17 years and a voice-actor for cartoons, Daniel brings a fun and inviting energy to Kundalini Yoga that can help anyone feel comfortable in their own skin or Yoga pants.  We are all growing together and as a budding teacher, Daniel brings a child-like creativity to helping facilitate a deeper connection with our bodies, mind and Spirit.    

Limited to 35 people.  

Sorry but this event is not suitable for toddlers.   Reserve your seat here