Weekend Intensive: Integrated Shiatsu work on the table ~ 14 CEU’s

April 14~15, 2018

  • Saturday Yoga class at 8.30am.  Shiatsu training 9.30am – 7pm
  • Sunday Yoga class at 9am.  Shiatsu training 10am ~ 4pm
  • $250 Early bird if signed and fully paid by March 30, 2018 / Full price $300

Registration open, Sign up HERE

Pre-requisites:  Applicants must have completed either our 2-day intensive of “Introduction to Shoshin Shiatsu” or

 equivalent training and must have good understanding of all 14 meridian lines and source points

A mindful training in the Art & Application of Shoshin Shiatsu: Conscious engagement of the physical and energetic bodies, using passive stretches, soft tissue manipulation and stimulation of acupressure points.

Learn the brilliant model of the five elements, meridians, chi, yin-yang, key points for relief of excesses and deficiencies which affect structure and energy.

Required reading:  The book of Shiatsu by Paul Lundberg (available at amazon)

This three-day training for the intermediate and advanced practitioner alike, who need integration of shiatsu techniques on the table, and special attention to improve body-mechanics, delivering a more efficient session to your client while saving your body and hands

The following topics will be covered:

  • Describe the basic principles of Shoshin Shiatsu & Perform a number of basic Shiatsu techniques with an awareness of proper body mechanics
  • Discuss the concept of the 14 energy channels (meridians) in the body
  • Describe the 14 meridians in relation to muscles and body landmarks

Ideal for bodyworkers & Fitness professionals.

Each day includes:

  • Free Yoga class before shiatsu training
  • Meditation & Movement
  • Techniques leading to full-body shiatsu session
  • Step-by-Step, hands=on teacher instruction and student exchanges
  • Acupressure points to release pain and increase mobility
  • Demos video-taped and posted online

What to bring:

Please bring your massage table.  We will have a couple available at the studio but it will be better to bring your own, as well as a clean set of sheets.

Plan on wearing comfortable clothes that allow movement at ease.   Bring snacks and a closed, refillable bottle of water.   We have free filtered water at the studio.