Attend a Special Event

Monthly 2nd. Sunday ~ Transformational Sound Immersion

March 10, 2019 4:30PM ~ 7PM 

Investment $25 per class or both for $40.  Shakti members with autopay use one or two visits to attend.  Sign up here

We are honored to host Denae Richards and explore grounding asanas and breath adaptation to help us release unwanted stress and soothe our nervous system.

Experience a higher level of vibration with the powerful healing sounds of Gongs, bowls and other instruments.


Energetics of Yoga Postures

March 15~17, 2019

Investment $400.   Early bird $325 thru February 28, 2019. Sign up here

Explore the energetics of asana (poses) thru skillful instruction to get you moving with focus and intention so that you can go inward and integrate both the subtle and the physical aspects of practice.  Will incorporate a comprehensive explanation of bandhas 


Gong Bath & Meditation

March 24, 2019 at 2PM

Contribution $20 at the door.  Only $15 when you sign up online  Sign up here

A Gong bath is a form of Sound Therapy that encourages Meditation, Self-Healing, Deep Rest, Relaxation, Prayer and Spirituality; a Rejuvenation of the Body, Mind and Spirit!

Join us for an Experience of Well-Being with a variety of Gongs and other instruments

Vibrational Healing w/ Tuning forks

April 5, 2019; 10:30am ~ 5.30pm

Investment: $160.   Early bird $140 thru March 15, 2019. Save your seat HERE!

Consider that all is vibration.  Matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed ~ they simply change states according to the vibration of their particles.  Vibration healing reflects that law of physics when mental, me notional & physical changes occur with the application of vibration to the subtle bio-field and the physical body.   (more…)

Foundations of Ayurveda

Presented by Hema Jagada

April 12~14, 2019

Investment $400.   Early bird $325 thru March 30, 2018.  Sign up here

Gain a solid understanding of basic Ayurveda concepts and learn how to address the root issues that get your out of balance.  You will learn how dosha balance in ayurveda is as much about embodying the experience and academically learning the material as it is about observing nature herself and those around you—just like yoga.


Intro to Sanskrit & Yoga Philosophy

 May 17~19, 2019

Investment $400.   Early bird $325 thru April 15, 2019.  Sign up here

Yoga tradition teaches that postures are only one component of a well rounded yoga practice.  Terms based on yoga philosophy and scripture seem to be reserved for just the elite who understand sanskrit words such as purusha, prakriti, and the gunas.


Yoga Anatomy & Principles of Alignment

June 14~16, 2019

Investment $400.   Early bird $325 thru May 15, 2019. Sign up here

In an ideal world, all practitioners in each class would be at the same level, but that’s not realistic.  In this workshop we will dissect each pose based on anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics.  We will use our curiosity and creativity to use asana adaptation along 


2-day Barefoot Shiatsu ~ Lowering the bar

July 10 ~ 11, 2019; 9AM ~ 6PM

Full price $300.   Register early and pay only $275  Sign up here

Traditional floor work utilizing many applications of sustained foot pressure utilizing the balancing advantage of a wooden staff.


Breath Adaptation & Pranayama

July 19~21, 2019

Investment  $400.   Early bird $325 thru June 15, 2019. Sign up here

When we begin a yoga practice, one of the first lessons we learn is to breathe in and out through the nose.  When there is lack of awareness on the breath, a challenging posture creates exhaustion and mental instability, and more times than not we end up more


Sadhana ~ Personal Practice & Life Purpose

August 16~18, 2019

Investment $400.   Early bird $325 thru July 15, 2019. Sign up here

Sadhana is the means we have to keep moving to a newer and newer possibility and to fulfill our biggest potential.


Learn CPR and Save a Life!

October 20, 2019; 11.30AM~1.00PM
Investment: $45.   Sign up here

When properly and promptly performed, CPR can dramatically improve person’s chance of survival. Anyone Can Learn CPR. The Life You Save May Be That of a Loved One. CPR Makes You Smarter. You’ll Feel Confident in the Event of A Cardiac Emergency. CPR Classes are Fun.

Some reasons why you could consider learning CPR.
  • You’ll Be Equipped to Help Those You Love. More than 80% of cardiac arrests occur while the patient is at home! (more…)

3-day Introduction to Aromatherapy copy

Investment: $475. Early bird $425 thru July 30, 2019.

~Tuition includes Starter kit of 3 Essential Oils that are safe and suitable for everyday use ~

Workshop Description:
This 3 day Introduction to Aromatherapy course provides an opportunity to learn how