Upcoming Events

Restorative Yoga & Nidra

Sept 21~ 23, 2018

Investment $400.   Early bird $300 thru August 30, 2018.  Sign up here

In order to ensure all attendants get lots of personal attention & Hands-on experience, we are limiting the space to 12 participants.


Touring the Indian Grocery Store

September 28, 2018;  6.30PM ~ 8.30PM

Investment: $20.    Sign up here

As with every grocery store, there are areas filled with nature’s bounty that are waiting to make it onto your cart, and there are lanes to avoid because they are filled with artificial colors and other nasties.


Discovery call: Upcoming Events, Workshops & 200HR TT’s

Oct 13 at 12PM

Join me via facebook live to learn more about our 200HR In Yoga studies & Teacher’s training Certification Program.   These trainings are\ not only for anyone interested in deepening your understanding of yoga beyond poses, but also for those interested in a sharing your passion for yoga with others.  I hope you tune in.

Registration is NOW open!.



The Art & Business of Teaching Yoga

o-BUSINESS-PLAN-facebookOctober 19 ~ 21, 2018

Investment $400.   Early bird $300 thru September 29, 2018.  Sign up here

Many Yoga teacher’s programs fall short in covering business entrepreneurship and how to equip graduates with the basics to make a profitable yoga career.  As a result, new yoga teachers get frustrated and quit what they once believed it was their Dharma (purpose).


Reset & Renew ~ A kundalini Intensive

November 3, 2018;  1PM ~ 4PM

Contribution $60 at the door.     Only $50 if you register online  Sign up here

Join Daniel Katsük in this musical Kundalini & Kirtan intensive!

This work is designed for those who want to cut the cords of our past patterns and programs that are keeping us grounded in anxiety, anger, depression and stagnancy.


Ayurveda Holiday Cooking Demo

November 9, 2018;  6.30PM ~ 8.30PM

Investment: $45.   Early bird $40 thru October 15, 2018.Sign up here

Join Hema Jagada, founder and owner of Restore Simply during a live cooking demo.  She will show us how Holiday entertaining does not always have to be filled with diet-busting menus. This cooking workshop demonstrates how to create a holiday spice-themed menu, from appetizer to desert, that will be sure to delight.


A talk series on Niyamas & Ayurveda

November 11, 2018; 12PM~1.30PM

$20 at the door.   Register online and pay only $15  Sign up here

The Niyamas are the second limb of the ‘Eight Limbs of Yoga’ from the ancient Indian sage Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The Niyamas refers to duties directed towards ourselves – inner observances.   They are intended to help us build character.
We will spend time in reviewing each niyama in depth and offer guidance for practical applications in our daily life style with the use of Ayurveda

Gong Bath & Meditation

November 11, 2018 at 2PM

Contribution $20 at the door.  Only $15 when you sign up online  Sign up here

A Gong bath is a form of Sound Therapy that encourages Meditation, Self-Healing, Deep Rest, Relaxation, Prayer and Spirituality; a Rejuvenation of the Body, Mind and Spirit!

Join us for an Experience of Well-Being with a variety of Gongs and other instruments

Vibrational Healing w/ Tuning forks

December 7, 2018; 10:30am ~ 5.30pm

Investment: $160.   Early bird $140 thru November 15, 2018.  Save your seat HERE!

Consider that all is vibration.  Matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed ~ they simply change states according to the vibration of their particles.  Vibration healing reflects that law of physics when mental, me notional & physical changes occur with the application of vibration to the subtle bio-field and the physical body.   (more…)

Thai Massage your Valentine!

February 15, 2019;  6pm~9pm

Contribution $80 per couple ~ Limited to 6 couples.    Early bird $60 thru Jan 15, 2019.   Sign up here

Learn new ways to give nurturing intentional touch to your partner with Thai Massage!

Thai massage is a system of massage and assisted stretching developed in Thailand, and influenced by the traditional systems of India, China, and Southeast Asia.


Principles of Breath & Movement

February 22~24, 2019

Investment $400.   Early bird $325 thru January 15, 2019.Sign up here

Learn the most basic concepts of Hatha Yoga.   Explore foundational concepts of breath-centered practices to guide you inward as you join breath to movement. Learn to establish smooth, diaphragmatic breathing along with the ability to do postures coordinated with the breath. 


Winter to Spring w/Ayurveda

March 3, 2019;  10AM ~ 3PM

Investment: $45.   Early bird $40 thru Feb 15, 2019.Sign up here

Join Hema Jagada in this ayurveda intensive where we will explore and learn not only how mung beans are a super food and excellent source of nutrients, but also how to use them to support your body to transition from Winter to Spring