Winter to Spring w/Ayurveda

March 3, 2019;  10AM ~ 3PM

Investment: $45.   Early bird $40 thru Feb 28, 2019.Sign up here

Join Hema Jagada in this ayurveda intensive where we will explore and learn not only how mung beans are a super food and excellent source of nutrients, but also how to use them to support your body to transition from Winter to Spring

You might have heard of Mung beans how good they are for you.  You may even have made your Khichri because you heard it’s good for you.    But do you know there are countless other ways you can use Mung beans?   We can sprout them, grind them, soak them, dry them, sauté them, puree them, and anything else! Mung beans are a staple of Ayurvedic nutrition, and they have been used for thousands of years to restore health and vitality. Come and learn about these marvelous little beans and get comfortable with their unique characteristics. Packed with a nutritional profile like no other, Mung beans are slowly becoming the new super food, and we will get hands on with these gorgeous little beauties. Before you leave, you will know how to use Mung beans and see the various stages of sprouting them.
At the end of the class we will enjoy a sprouted Mung bean salad for lunch.