Viniyoga – Yoga Therapy

Viniyoga classes

Very gentle pace (60 mins)   |  Mon, Wed, Fri @ 9AM 

Viniyoga is a remedial approach of yoga therapy to heal the body thru conscious movement, therefore linking the breath with yoga postures.  Additionally, this class is adaptable to everyone and specially helpful for anyone suffering from stiffness, pain or restrictions.  

Viniyoga is a comprehensive and authentic transmission of the teachings of yoga including āsana (postures), prāṇāyāma (breathing exercises) and meditation.  

In order to isolate areas of concern, we focus on different parts of the body and physical conditions thru the week:

  • Mondays:  We address issues with yoga therapy for upper back, neck and shoulders.
  • Wednesdays:  The focus is on postures to strengthen lower back, hips and bring stability to the sacrum.  As a result, this class is ideal yoga therapy to release sciatica pain.
  • Fridays:  This remedial class incorporates postures to improve balance, coordination and create mental stability.
viniyoga is a remedial yoga approach to heal and manage injuries and chronic pain
Practicing yoga therapy 3 times a week is a good approach to keep your body and mind balanced and sharp

Each Viniyoga class is 60mins of applied yoga therapy.  Therefore, we prefer that students arrive at least 5 mins in advance to have enough time to settle down.  For this reason, be mindful that late arrivals are disruptive for students who are already in class.  Besides, being late will prevent you from getting the introduction to the pace and purpose of that particular class, leaving you to “catch” up for the rest of the class. 

In order to attend the Viniyoga class please register online.  In the meantime, get familiar with our etiquette rules and terms and conditions to help you prepare.   Finally, if you are attending your first class, please arrive 15mins early as you will need to fill our intake form in paper form, too.