Uplifting Hatha yoga

 Uplifting Hatha Yoga  (75 mins)   |   Mon, Wed & Sun @ 4.30PM

The uplifting Hatha yoga class is meant to awaken the heart mind by using conscious movement as a form of nourishment.  To this goal, we lead students to practical breath-centered activating practice to improve stability and enthusiasm.  As a result, this class is an opportunity to resolve long-standing compensatory patterns of posture and movement.

Sadly, these days many of us are malnourished by a diet of too much sitting.  Therefore, not enough variety in our movements.  As a result we lack sufficient core and mental stimulation. The uplifting Hatha yoga class builds the foundation he overall aim of this work is to improve our “KQ”—our kinesthetic quotient or physical intelligence.

  • Imagine making peace with yourself!   Whether your injuries are emotional or physical
  • Let go of your preoccupation with the relationship injury and re-engage with life
  • Create opportunities to earn surrender and restore physical & emotional balance

Hatha yoga yoga for stability class is 75mins long.  It is advisable that students arrive at least 5 mins in advance to have enough time to settle down.   Additionally, be mindful that late arrivals are disruptive for students who are already in class.   

In order to attend the Uplifting hatha yoga to awaken your heart class please register online.  In the meantime, get familiar with our etiquette rules and terms and conditions to help you prepare.   Finally, if you are attending your first class, please arrive 15mins early as you will need to fill our intake form in paper form, too.