Shakti foundations

shakti foundations
Hatha Yoga  (60 mins) |  Mon-Fri @ 7.15AM;   Mon-Thurs @ 6PM;  Sun @ 4.30PM 

The Shakti foundations is a hatha yoga class.  It is a beginner’s friendly yoga for the novice as well as for the more seasoned practitioner.   Hatha yoga is the overarching umbrella of yoga that encompasses most of the traditional styles.  It is translated to “willful” or “forceful” in Sanskrit.  Hatha yoga is the fundamental system of yoga that focuses on the pairing of poses or “asanas” with conscious breathing.

The Shakti Foundations class incorporates 40~45 minutes of postures.  After that, the student rests inSavasana“.  According to my teacher, Rod Stryker, savasana is a key time for the organs, nervous system, and brain to absorb the nourishment created by the flow of energy (prana) cultivated with the postures.  

shakti foundations yoga for balancing of body and mind, meditation
Cultivate stillness and learn to meditate

Later we seat to practice breathing techniques or pranayama to create mental stability.  Finally, the class concludes with the student seated in stillness to practice mindfulness or meditation.  This is a seniors friendly yoga class, feel free to use a chair to seat during meditation.

This hatha yoga class is great for anyone interested in refining their yoga practice.  Moreover, our teachers are always willing to answer your questions.  We are here to support you while you build physical and emotional strength and stability.  

** Please notice that weekday classes are 60mins long, but Sunday class is 75min.  It is always a good habit to arrive at least 5 mins before class begins.  Be mindful that last minute as well as late arrivals are disruptive.   

In order to attend the Shakti foundations class please register online.  In the meantime, get familiar with our etiquette rules and terms and conditions to help you prepare.   Finally, if you are attending your first class, please arrive 15mins early as you will need to fill our intake form in paper form, too.

Shakti Yoga Center is located in downtown Garland, TX.   We offer cheap yoga in Garland, TX at only $10 drop in for a single class.   Most of our classes are beginners friendly yoga, seniors friendly yoga and prenatal friendly yoga.