Stress free yoga – Yin, Restorative, nidra

Elevated legs on the wall during restorative yoga
Very gentle (60 mins)   |   Tue & Th @ 9am;  Tue & Th @ 7.15PM;   Sun @ 6PM

The stress free yoga class is a blend of Yin postures + Restorative yoga + Yoga Nidra.  For this reason, the class is composed of extremely gentle postures.  

The class begins by incorporating very gentle postures inspired in Yin yoga.  Accordingly, students hold each pose for 8-10 breaths to encourage deep stretching.  To this end, we include include postures like light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends.

stress free yoga class
The student rests assisted by pillows and blankets during the postures to allow the parasympathetic system to release endorphins

Next, with the use of props, each participant is set up in a very comfortable restorative yoga positions which are assisted by blankets and pillows.  Because of the comfort of the set up, the student is able to focus on the breath and is set to completely relax.  

Finally, students rest in yoga Nidra.  Therefore, following the teacher’s guidance to engage in an active process of focusing the mind on healing thoughts, sensations, and emotions.

The goal of yin + restorative + Nidra is total relaxation.   As a result, the student becomes a mere witness and detaches from the what is non-essential, revealing the essential.   Indeed, the stress free yoga class is the perfect ending to a stressful day.   

restorative yoga
During restorative yoga the student is supported by props

Each stress free yoga class is 60mins long.  Because of the amount of props and set up needed for this class, it is advisable that students arrive at least 5 mins in advance to have enough time to settle down.   Additionally, be mindful that late arrivals are disruptive for students who are already in class.   

In order to attend the Stress free yoga – Yin + Restorative + Nidra class please register online.  In the meantime, get familiar with our etiquette rules and terms and conditions to help you prepare.   Finally, if you are attending your first class, please arrive 15mins early as you will need to fill our intake form in paper form, too.