Kundalini Shakti

Vigorous pace in warm room 86°  (90 mins)  |   Mon-Fri @ 5.30AM  

Join us weekdays at 5.30AM to learn Tantra with a yoga practice to awaken Kundalini Shakti meditation.  This class is a vigorous fire vinyasa made up of postures sequenced to build strength and stability in the body with mindful breath and mantra chanting, which creates an alchemy of mindful movement, pranayama and meditation.  Hence, the tantra approach to yoga harnesses the alchemical energy called kundalini Shakti. 
Tantra awakens Kundalini for deep state of meditation and samadhi
Settle into deep state of meditation and accelerate your spiritual growth.

Kundalini Shakti is “the power of becoming“.  This class is a powerful experience to cultivate a state of balance also known as Suhumna, and rest in Samadhi (sam-aadhi).  Samadhi is the highest aspect of Yoga practice as complete meditative absorption that takes us beyond body and mind.   

First, we incorporate mantra chanting with asana, which not only focuses our attention but also awakens our vibration.  Next, with pranayama or mindful breath and chanting we dissolve the chakras to encourage Kundalini to raise.  Finally, we achieve an experience of a harmonious body, mind and heart and sustain meditation.  

As you learn tantra, you connect with your own energy and open yourself to an awakened heart.  Because of this, the practitioner prepares body and mind to achieve a deep state of meditation.  Over time the consistent student absorbs in the experience of Atma-Shakti -inner self merging with the Paramātmān -the Absolute Atman -supreme Self.   

This class is an invitation to explore an energetic approach to hatha yoga and meditation practice. Therefore, every session becomes a transformative experience to help you accelerate your spiritual growth.

Patricia Alonso LMT & ERYT-500 leads this class.   She shares the knowledge passed to her thru yogic lineage.  Patricia has been practicing Tantra yoga for almost 15 years.  She has learned it from her teachers Rod Stryker (Parayoga) & Gary Kraftsow (Viniyoga).

  This class is NOT suitable for beginners, seniors or pregnant clients.   To attend must have at least 6 months of practice