Reiki Attunement (Chakra Energy work)

Based on the understanding that all conditions of imbalance are rooted in the human energy field, Reiki addresses underlying energetic patterns to create wellness and reconnect you with your ability to heal.   Outcalls available only to assist those bed-ridden and for end of life support.

  • Rate:   $60 for 1hr
  • Outcalls add $30 for gas and commute time.   Only available within a 15 mile radius from 75040

To book an appointment please call (469) 223.6673


Reiki is received fully clothed through a series of gentle yet powerful hand placements. Tension, stress, and pain melt away under the warm and nurturing touch of the therapist. Chakras and major systems of the body are given concentrated life-force energy, enhancing the body’s inherent power to heal.