Patricia Alonso

Patricia  e-ryt200  yacep is the founder and owner of Shakti Yoga Center.  She has a unique understanding of health and fitness through her personal experience not only as Yoga teacher, but also as a Licensed Massage Therapist.   Her yoga journey started in 2002, and thru the years she has studied different modalities of yoga including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Power Yoga.  Patricia received 

her 200hr YT from Frog Lotus Yoga on December 2010

On June 2011 she met her teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker.  She became an initiated of the Tantric Sri Vydia lineage in 2013.  Since 2011 she has studied extensively in the Parayoga tradition of Tantra Yoga.  On the fall of 2013, she completed a 200hr foundations of Ayurveda with Kripalu.
Patricia believes that Yoga is the path for health, harmony and balance.   She has a passion for yoga, massage and energy therapies and body work.    She is currently enrolled in Viniyoga and studying with Gary Kraftsow to obtain her 1000 hrs certification as a Yoga therapist, and wishes to lay down the foundation for a program that combines the practice of yoga &  yoga therapy as self-care of her patients and students.