Jordan Jones

Jordan’s yoga practice has allowed her to heal a number of emotional wounds that were affecting her everyday life. Years of dealing with ADHD symptoms, anxiety, and self-doubt have slowly melted away as she has spent more time on her mat, with her teachers, learning how to serve herself and others with this practice.

Yoga, to her, is an expression of self-care. We create our own medicine through taking the time to mindfully move our bodies. The physical postures we practice on the mat act as counterbalances to our days spent sitting still and rigid. On the mat, we can nurture qualities of strengthand softness to carry with us when we leave class. It is through yoga that we cultivate tools that allow us to mindfully move through the stress of our every day lives.

Jordan’s classes are crafted around nurturing the mind-body connection of her students through movement, mediation, and breath work. When Jordan teaches, her goal is to create a supportive, nurturing space for her students to explore their personal practice and relieve stress.

Jorda current schedule at Shakti Yoga center:

  • Yoga Break  | Mondays at 11.30AM
  • Moon Vinyasa Flow |  Wednesdays at 7PM
  • Shakti Flow |  Fridays at 5.30PM