Our Staff

Patricia Alonso

Patricia  e-ryt200  yacep is the founder and owner of Shakti Yoga Center.  She has a unique understanding of health and fitness through her personal experience not only as Yoga teacher, but also as a Licensed Massage Therapist.   Her yoga journey started in 2002, and thru the years she has studied different modalities of yoga including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Power Yoga.  Patricia received 


Alyssa Morris

Alyssa firmly believes that yoga is the grounding force that keeps her energy from shooting out in five million directions on a daily basis. She is a mother, a dancer, a writer, and a Gemini. She holds a B.A. in Art & Performance and an M.A. in Aesthetic Studies, which essentially means that she is fully qualified to find beauty in this world. 

Alyssa has taught dance classes 


Becky Stokes

Becky came to yoga to try and balance her body after years of long distance running.  After practicing yoga for about a year she hung up her running shoes and decided to deepen her practice by participating in yoga teacher training.  She received her 200hour yoga teacher certification in 2013.

Her approach to teaching yoga is based in the understanding that everyone can benefit from a consistent yoga practice.  ‘Every Body’ is unique and cannot be forced into a posture, but instead coaxed to open.   Her emphasis is in teaching the importance of focusing on the breath while encouraging the practitioner explore his or her own limits during their yoga practice.

Carl Bright ~ Substitute Teacher

Hi,I’m Carl Bright.  I am a E-RYT 200, 500 hour certified yoga teacher registered with yoga alliance.  Yoga has been a great gift to me and I want to share my knowledge of having the benefits of a yoga practice.  Practicing yoga has helped me physically and mentally.  It is a medium that has helped me reached greater heights of body awareness and has challenged me physically in ways that I never knew possible.

My overall goal is to help people of all walks of life be able to experience the benefits of yoga.

Heidi Feisser

Yoga is for everyone. It is for people of all abilities and ages. Yoga transcends off the mat and into the real world. It’s a beautiful way to live your life. My journey with yoga began in 2007. Once I stepped onto my mat, I never looked back. I received my 200 HR RYT in 2012. I continue to to learn and train whenever I can. Additional 


Kim Johnson

Kim has been practicing yoga on and off since 2002 but her real journey began in 2012 when her corporate job ended with a company reorganization. With the love and support of her husband she was able to pursue her dreams of teaching yoga. In June of 2013 she received her 200hr yoga teacher training certification from Purple Lotus where she immediately found her voice 


Nancy Daniels

RYT 500 and Certified Ayurveda Counselor, Nancy discovered yoga in college over 40 years ago, and since that time she has had a long, continuous love affair with the practice. She has had an opportunity to study and practice Hatha, Iyengar and Anusara styles of Yoga and with masters Tias Little, Erich Schiffmann, and John Friend. Nancy originally began teaching Anusara Yoga in 2003. Her teaching style is a composite of