Our Rules of Conduct / Terms & Conditions

When you sign your Intake form, Terms & Conditions, and Waiver & Release of liability, you agree to the following:

  • Be timely:  Kindly arrive 10~15 mins early to settle down. Be mindful that late arrivals are very disruptive. Effective January 2019, we only allow 5 mins of grace before locking the door.  Door will re-open when class is over. If you are running late make sure you have signed up for class in advance and text the owner at 469.223.6673 to notify the teacher, so you don’t get locked out.
  • Be minimal:  Please take only your mat, towel and a sealed container of water in the practice room. Please leave your purse, cell phone, coat and shoes in the cubbies. Ensure your cell phone is turned off or in silent mode. Once in the room, please keep the coming and going to a minimum.
  • Be aligned:  Shall the class be full, please be friendly and make room for others. Please don’t bring oversized yoga mats. We reserve the right to ask you to use a smaller mat shall yours be excessively long or wide.
  • Be still:  Place your mat down quietly and if you lie down, please point your head to the altar and your feet to the barn door. Use the opportunity to be silent and arrive.
  • Be Happy:  You should feel good (not pain) during the movements. Respect your body, skills and range of motion. Take as many breaks in child pose as needed during class, and participate at your level of comfort.
  • Be Silent:  Please keep conversations to a minimum. Be mindful that for some of your classmates this is the only opportunity for peace and quiet.
  • Be Neutral:  Practicing yoga will likely increase your body temperature. Be mindful if your body perspiration (body odor) is unpleasant and consider taking a shower before coming to class and/or wear neutral deodorant.
  • Be Tidy:  You are responsible to gather any necessary props to support your practice and to place them back neatly in the storage shelf when class is over.
  • Be respectful:  Shall you have any concerns, questions or disagreements with our staff or fellow students, please handle yourself respectfully. Avoid any outbursts or arguments during class. We are always happy carry a constructive dialogue.
  • Be accountable:  When you participate in class make a commitment to attend the full length of the instruction, except in the case of medical emergency.  Shall you not be able to stay till class is over, please find a time that fits your schedule better and be aware that leaving class early is very disruptive.
  • Be present:   Only attend class when you are not under the influence of any drugs, alcohol or medications that might alter you state of mind, for your own safety and that of the other students and the teacher.  If you are currently on medication that would present in a similar way please let us know so we can support you practicing safely and we would want to know that you have discussed practicing yoga with your medical provider.
  • Do not solicit: We have zero tolerance for solicitation, sales or promotion of products or personal services during, before and/or after class. Please also refrain from promoting or recruiting to your political party or religious affiliation.
  • Be awesome!   Remind yourself how awesome you are for cultivating your yoga practice.  We are so happy to have you as part of our community!