Our Studio


Our studio is located at 604 Main St., just a few steps from the downtown square in Garland, TX

We have created a beautiful and intimate space, where we hope you not only practice but enjoy to unplug from the rush of the day and simply tune in with your inner harmony.


Our floor is made of tatami Zebra mats, that is water proof, slip resistant and padded to protect your joints.   This floor is a treat not only for your feet, but a joy to lay down on savasana


We have an eco-friendly, reverse osmosis purified water cooler.  You are welcome to bring your refillable bottle!   It also dispenses hot water!


We require students to bring their own mat for the practice.  However, if you forgot it, you can always rent one at the studio for $3 per visit.  


Shakti Yoga Center in Garland TX

You can safely leave your belongings at the cubbies located at the front desk.   We lock the doors once class starts, and have security cameras in place, so you can rest assured that your belongings are safe while you practice.


Forgot your hand towel?   Don’t worry, we have clean, santized towels available free of charge.  


We also offer complimentary props for your practice:  Bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps, etc.   Once the class ends, please place the props back in the shelf