Osten Aune ~ Guest teacher

Osten Aune husband married for 46-years, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, Lay Speaker of the United Methodist Church, member of Arapaho U.M.C., Hatha Yoga teacher and Gong Journeyman, apprentice to Gong Master’s Barbara Cole and Kenny Kolterand student of Ven. Tashi Nyima. Member of the “Awakening Heart” Sanga and Drum Circle at the Dallas Meditation Center AKA Also Known As “Boocoos the Clown” a professional children’s entertainer since 1984. Works part-time at the Town North Y.M.C.A. Volunteers for Meals on Wheels and the Austin Street Shelter through A.U.M.C. Blogger for Bible Basics… Layers of Understanding for almost 20-years.