Don Ridenour

Don strives to use his knowledge of Yoga to create a space that is authentic, non-judgmental and compassion-centered. “Throughout my life I have sought to immerse myself in continuous philosophical education from various spiritual disciplines, attempting to weave together various strands of western philosophy and science with eastern mysticism, applying ancient wisdom to our contemporary western world in a useful and understandable way. I seek to encourage growth of the physical and spiritual self, recognizing the interconnectedness to each other, to the world and to the universe at large”.

 In March of 2014, after coming off a year of medical challenges and not getting any younger, Don decided to begin a daily yoga practice as part of his healing journey. “While it is true that I discovered much more flexibility in my body, I learned flexibility in my life off the mat as well. Now I can see that the real wisdom comes for a calm mind and steady breath, not just on the mat, but in our daily lives”.

Don completed his Advanced yoga studies with Shakti Yoga Center and became a 200HR Certified Yoga Teacher in the fall of 2018.  “I am excited to share everything I have learned on my journey and I hope to bring value to all the students here at Shakti Yoga and continue to help this community grow”.