2-day Barefoot Shiatsu ~ Lowering the bar

by Randy Cummins

July 10 ~ 11, 2019; 9AM ~ 6PM

Full price $300.   Register early and pay only $275  Sign up here

Each day includes:

  • Free 9am Yoga class prior to Shiatsu training
  • Techniques leading to full-body Barefoot Shiatsu session
  • Step-by-Step, hands-on teacher instruction and student exchanges
  • Demos video-taped and posted online
  • 14 NCBTMB CEUs for Licensed Massage Therapists

Open to All Bodyworkers, Yoga Instructors, & Fitness Professionals.

Traditional floor work utilizing many applications of sustained foot pressure utilizing the balancing advantage of a wooden staff.

Barefoot Shiatsu is mat work, integrating the use of feet, knees, and elbows for the purpose of applying sustained pressure. We follow general pathways of the classical meridians, focusing on typical stagnant and muscularly tight areas. Techniques will be demonstrated in supine, prone and side-lying positions. Emphasis is given towards fluidity of transition, and the seamless rhythmic application of techniques. Participants will enjoy the freedom of using the whole body, will learn strategies to take the burden off their thumbs and wrists, and will learn deep and relaxing techniques to benefit a wide range of clients.

This two-day training for the novice and advanced practitioner alike, introduces the concepts and movement, aspects of performing a Shiatsu session using our feet on the floor.

What to bring:

Our floor at the studio is soft yet firm tatami that makes this type of work easy on both giver and receiver. If you want additional padding, bring a zabuton (minimum twin size) or any other type of padding you would like to add to your personal space.

Plan on wearing comfortable clothes that allow movement at ease. Bring snacks and a closed, refillable bottle of water. We have filtered water at the studio