Massage & Bodywork

Patricia Alonso is a Licensed massage therapist (MT122632) and provides intuitive massage and holistic bodywork at Shakti Wellness Center (ME4447) located at 613 Main St., -just a few steps across the yoga studio-.

The goal of Shakti Wellness Center is to provide Holistic excellence in all our treatments.  Holistic means that we look at the bigger picture, and not just the smaller parts on their own.  In other words, we aim to restore not only physical balance, but also emotional and energetic wellbeing.

Patricia leads a team of Independent therapist that offer customized bodywork by incorporating a variety of modalities that focus in reducing pain or soreness, while rejuvenating and re-integrating body, mind & emotional health of each client.   Each session is tailored to the client’s unique needs and preferences.

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Our intuitive bodywork is formulated after “reading” the client’s body and sensing the prevalent energy.  It is very likely that the session will incorporate more than one modality of bodywork depending on the goal in hand.  This may include a mix of two or more of the following:

  • A form of relaxing Massage   

    • Swedish massage
    • Hot stones
    • Superficial myofascia release
    • Lomi-lomi along
    • Aromatherapy


  • Techniques for pain management
    • Deep myofascia release
    • Deep tissue massage
    • Sports massage
    • Orthopedic massage
    • Deep tissue
    • Trigger point therapy, etc
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  • Specialized care
    • Pre-natal massage
    • Post-natal massage
    • Seniors Massage


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  • A form of ayurvedic rejuvenation

    • Using ayurvedic oils for the client’s unique constitution we integrate Abhyanga massage, Kansa massage or Marma therapy

  • Energy bodywork:

    • Reiki,
    • Tuning Forks,
    • Sound therapy,
    • Chakra work,
    • Meridian work

  • A form of acupressure or deep stretch:

    • Thai Massage,
    • Shiatsu,
    • Meridian massage,
    • Marma points

  • A modality of cupping

    • Flame glass,
    • Magnetic cupping,
    • Baguanfa massage
    • Bell cupping for neck release and facial rejuvenation.

  • If you don’t see a specific technique or modality you are looking for, please contact us as there is a possibility we missed to include it (there’s so much).   We will be happy to discuss and/or recommend the best qualified therapist for you.

To book your appointment call or text (469) 223.6673, or fill the intake form & I will respond within 24 hours