Frequently Asked Questions

Are you curious about attending a yoga class but have questions?  Please read thru and see if you find answers to your concerns below.  Additionally, you are welcome to fill the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we get a chance.  Can’t wait?  reach us by via call or text at ☎ (469)223.6673

  • Do you offer yoga for beginners?  

We welcome beginners in all our classes, except for 5.30AM.  Please arrive 15mins early to your first class and make sure to notify the teacher that you have never done yoga before, so that he/she gives you some recommendations and guidelines to ensure you get your best experience on your first visit.    For a specific list of beginner’s friendly classes, please go to our class descriptions

  • Do you offer pre-natal yoga?

We do NOT offer specific Pre-natal yoga classes, but we have plenty of options that are pre-natal friendly.   All pregnant clients must disclose their condition and present a clearance not from the primary Ob-Gyn in order to be admitted to a first class.  We do this to ensure all our pregnant students get advanced recommendations and guidelines to ensure a safe experience.   Our pre-natal friendly classes are scheduled as follows:

  • Monday-Friday at 7.15AM and 9AM
  • Monday-Thursday at 6PM
  • Tuesday & Thursday at 7.15PM 


  • Tienes classes en Español?

Todas las clases son en Ingles.   Para clases en español puedes tomar un paquete de clases privadas que cuestan $75 por clase y es un mínimo de 5 clases.    También ofrezco clases semi-privadas y cuestan $40 por persona por clase y es un mínimo de 2 personas y mínimo 5 clases.   

  • How much is a class?

If you only want to pay as you go each time to attend class, our current drop-in rate is $10 Monday-Friday or $5 for all our weekend classes (Sat-Sun).   Our monthly membership is only $79 for unlimited classes.

We also offer a 2-week trial of unlimited classes for $40 exclusive to new clients.   Shall you choose to upgrade to a monthly auto-pay membership before your trial expires, we credit the $40 towards your first due payment (first and last month is due at the time of enrolling)

  • What is the minimum contract for the membership?

We don’t have contracts.   Our monthly autopay memberships are on a month-to-month basis.  This gives our students the freedom to cancel or freeze at anytime without penalty fees or minimum commitments.   Shall you sign up for a membership, 1st and last month are due at the moment of enrolling and we require 30-day advanced notice shall you need to freeze or cancel your membership

  • Can I share my visits with my family or friends

Yes!    All our pricing options are shareable as follows:

☛ Drop-in packages:   Just notify the teacher to deduct one of your passes for the person you wish to share your visits with.   That person must accompany you on his/her first visit

☛ Monthly auto-pay:  You add relatives to your membership for only $39.50 per relative living in the same household.   All members will enjoy unlimited classes per month.  

  • Can I bring my children to class?

We welcome children 11 years old and up accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and must pay the regular drop-in rate for the class or be added to the parent’s membership.   The minor must be attentive and be able to follow direction without being disruptive.   However, shall the child has disorderly behavior, the teacher has the right to ask the parent and child to leave class and there will be no refunds

  • What shall I wear for class?

In short just wear comfortable clothes that allow movement.   For a full list of advise on how to come prepared for class please refer to our yoga etiquette page and follow those guidelines to ensure a rich experience.