Viniyoga ~ Yoga Therapy

Viniyoga is a remedial tradition, founded on a recognition that our physical condition, emotional states, attitudes, dietary and behavioral patterns, lifestyle and personal associations, and the environment in which we live and work are all intimately linked to each other and to the state of our health.

In this class the emphasis of the asana (postures) and breath is on function rather than form, and the science of adapting the forms of the postures to achieve different results to treat different physical, emotional and energetic conditions.

Who shall attend this class:   Our Gentle therapeutic class is ideal for anyone with mobility restrictions and/or chronic pain.   Senior citizens, yoga beginners, handicapped individuals, and anyone suffering from any energetic or emotional imbalances

  • Type:  Very Gentle
  • Length: 60-minutes.
  • When:  Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9AM 
  • Teacher:  Patricia Alonso