Prenatal Yoga

Type:  Very gentle for pregnant women!    |    Length60 mins   |   When:  Tuesday & Thursday at 9AM    |   Teacher:  Patricia Alonso

A practice uniquely designed for pregnancy, Prenatal Yoga can help support moms-to-be emotionally and physically. With an emphasis on breathing, stamina, pelvic floor work, restorative poses, and core strength, Prenatal Yoga can help you become more resilient during and after pregnancy.

During pregnancy your body goes through many changes, which creates stress on you mentally and physically. A way to maintain a healthy mind and body is with yoga.   Some benefits include

  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Decreased lower back pain
  • Decreased nausea
  • Decreased carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Decreased headaches
  • Reduced risk of preterm labor
  • Lowered risk of intrauterine growth restriction (condition that slows the baby’s growth)

Who shall attend this class:   Our gentle prenatal class is ideal for all pregnant women in good general health.  The poses are adapted to all trimesters