Yoga Therapy for Fearless Living

Type:  Very gentle   |    Length60 mins   |   When:  Thursdays@ 9AM    |   Teacher:  Patricia Alonso

Have you ever given up on a dream because fear got the best of you? You’re not alone. What’s the only thing standing in your way? Fear of failure? Fear of not being good enough?

Fear thwarts your ability to express your purpose, give and receive love, and realize your dreams. Fear is insidious and a trickster. It’s also a great teacher

—if you can harness its power.   Learn ways to master the fears that have silently kept you hostage to the belief that you are not good enough and practical solutions you can use right now to put fear in its place.

The result? Personal power, increased wealth, closer intimate relationships, deeper self-acceptance—the list goes on. Join us to bring you home to a more meaningful, fearless life.


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