Class Descriptions

Early rise Tantra Yoga

Type:  Vigorous (not suitable for beginners)    |    Length: 90 mins   |   When:  Monday thru Friday at 5.30AM    |   Teacher:  Patricia Alonso

Awaken your inner fire with a vigorous “Rudrani Vinyasa” based in Tantra yoga.   We incorporate techniques that cultivate agni (personal power) that burns and dispels physical and mental lethargy.

We combine the energetics of breath adaptation, asana and Vayus to awaken Kundalini Shakti as it move up thru your spine.  


Shakti Foundations

Type:  Beginners friendly    |    Length: 60 mins   |   When:  Mon, Wed & Fri at 7.15AM;   Monday to Thursday at 6PM;  Sun at 4.30PM    |   Teacher:  See online calendar

New to yoga? Kick off or refine your practice with beginner yoga sequences and expert guidance on foundational yoga poses.  Get answers to your questions on all the yoga basics. Build strength and confidence to take your yoga practice deeper.

The class concludes with a guided meditation and/or sound with Crystal singing bowls.  

Sun Vinyasa with playful poses

Type:  Energizing with postures adapted to ALL levels    |    Length: 75 mins   |   When:  Saturdays @ 10am    |   Teacher:  Patricia Alonso

This is a fun vigorous class that emphasizes inhalation, backbends, laterals, inversions, and heating postures.   This class will leave your body energized and your mind focused.     The class concludes with a deep relaxation followed by pranayama emphasizing kumbhaka (retention of the breath), and a brief guided meditation

Yoga Therapy

Type:  Very gentle. Seniors friendly!    |    Length60 mins   |   When:  Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9AM    |   Teacher:  Patricia Alonso

Viniyoga is a remedial tradition, founded on a recognition that our physical condition, emotional states, attitudes, dietary and behavioral patterns, lifestyle and personal associations, and the environment in which we live and work are all intimately linked to each other and to the state of our health.


Prenatal Yoga

Type:  Very gentle for pregnant women!    |    Length60 mins   |   When:  Tuesday & Thursday at 9AM    |   Teacher:  Patricia Alonso

A practice uniquely designed for pregnancy, Prenatal Yoga can help support moms-to-be emotionally and physically. With an emphasis on breathing, stamina, pelvic floor work, restorative poses, and core strength, Prenatal Yoga can help you become more resilient during and after pregnancy.


Vinyasa Flow

Type:  Balancing flow.  Beginners friendly!    |    Length60 mins   |   When:  Mon & Wed at 6PM    |   Teacher:  See  online calendar

A medium paced balancing flow that will change you mentally and physically to expose the true power of your inner core. Below what we can physically see, the flow will build a solid foundation while nudging you to step out of your comfort zones. In turn you will re-emerge more confident, vibrant and more aligned.


Moon Vinyasa

Type:  Very calming effect.  Poses are adapted to ALL levels!    |    Length75 mins   |   When:  Mon & Wed at 7.15PM    |   Teacher:  See  online calendar

Yoga for better sleep!  A great yoga class with a calming energetic effect, helping the mind and body to experience a deeper stillness. Emphasizing and lengthening the exhalation, forward bends, long-holding postures, and concludes with a deep relaxation and guided meditation or brief yoga Nidra.


Yoga of Precision

Type:  Alignment based vinyasa.  Very beginners friendly!    |    Length60~75 mins   |   When:  Saturdays at 8.30AM    |   Teacher:  Patricia Alonso

This class is an alignment-oriented asana practice, based on the Iyengar methodology.  You will  systematically cultivate strength, flexibility and awareness.  There is a close attention to precision of each asana and Props utilized in the class allow access for all ages and body types.  All levels of practice are welcome. 

Restorative + Nidra

Type:  Extremely gentle and Beginners friendly!   |    Length60 mins   |   When:  Tue & Thur at 7.15PM;   Sun at 5.45PM    |   Teacher:  See online calendar

A restorative yoga sequence typically involves only five or six poses, supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends.   In Restorative yoga, total relaxation is the goal.