About our classes

Awakening Shakti ~ Vigorous Fire Vinyasa

Type:  Very vigorous.  Hot room   |    Length: 90 mins   |   When:  M, W, F @ 5.30AM;  T & Th @ 6AM;  Sat @ 8.30AM    |   Teacher:  Patricia Alonso

Discover kundalini Shakti, “The power of becoming” thru a vigorous fire vinyasa.  First of all, we approach yoga to harness the alchemical energy called kundalini shakti.  As a result, this powerful, experiential class opens the body’s core channels and invokes the Sacred energy within the body and mind.

Therefore, as you learn to connect with your own energy, 


Blissful Yoga ~ Peace, Power…

Type:  Very calming hatha    |    Length75 mins   |   When:  Mon & Wed at 7.15PM;  Sun @ 10am    |   Teacher:  See  online calendar

Harness your Power, Peace & Freedom by mindfully calming down body and mind thru the intelligence of the breath.  This hatha yoga class will focus on the seated and lying yoga poses and the use of props that allow all participants to experience poses more easily and fully. Using both static and dynamic stretching, breathing techniques are incorporated to relax muscles, 


Breath ~ Body ~ Mind; Yoga for Healing

Type:  Balancing hatha.   |    Length60 mins   |   When:  Mon & Wed at 6PM    |   Teacher:  See  online calendar

“Yoga for healing” is a transformative Yoga class designed to develop deeper internal awareness, balanced energy, and greater physical and mental ease. This class uses yoga as a science to increase vital force, to heal the body, mind and soul. The heart of the science taught in this class is the skillful use of postures and breath to manipulate energy. 


Express Yoga Sculpt ~ Strong to the Core

Type:  Energetic   |   Length: 40~45 mins   |   When:  Tue, Thur & Sat @ 12PM |   Teacher: Dee Dee Burington

Yoga Sculpt class incorporates Pilates, Barre, Hand weights, Resistance balls, Resistance bands and high-intensity cardio bursts for a maximum calorie burning effect.  Expect a different class every time!  

The props are meant to add a new  level of challenge to traditional yoga poses, while boosting your metabolism and  


Restorative Yoga + Nidra

Type:  Very gentle!   |   Length60 mins   |   When:  Tue & Th @ 7.15PM;   Sun @ 6PM    |   Teacher:  See online calendar

A restorative yoga sequence typically involves only five or six poses, supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends.   In Restorative yoga, total relaxation is the goal.  


Shakti Foundations ~ A Basic Yoga Class

Type:  Hatha Yoga   |    Length: 60 mins   |   When:  M, W & F @ 7.15AM;   T & Th @ 6PM;  Sun @ 4.30PM    |   Teacher:  See online calendar

New to yoga? Kick off or refine your practice with beginner yoga sequences and expert guidance on foundational yoga poses.  Get answers to your questions on all the yoga basics. Build strength and confidence to take your yoga practice deeper.

The class concludes with a guided meditation and/or sound with Crystal singing bowls.   (more…)

Yoga Therapy for Upper Back, Neck…

Type:  Very gentle   |    Length60 mins   |   When:  Mondays @ 9AM    |   Teacher:  Michelle Gutierrez

A remedial yoga class for anyone suffering from stiffness, pain or restrictions on the upper thoracic area, as well as neck & shoulders. 

Yoga Therapy for Stress Relief

Type:Very gentle   |    Length60 mins   |   When:  Tuesdays@ 9AM    |   Teacher:Patricia Alonso

A uniquely designed yoga class for anybody suffering with stress and/or emotional discomfort.
Practicing yoga can not only be an effective stress reliever, but also a way to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. By transferring focus and attention to the body and breath, yoga can help to temper anxiety while also releasing physical tension.


Yoga Therapy Lower Back, Hips, Sacrum

Type:  Very gentle   |    Length60 mins   |   When:  Wednesdays @ 9AM    |   Teacher:  Patricia Alonso

A therapeutic yoga class for anyone who have stiffness, pain or restrictions on the lower back, hips and sacrum, including sciatica issues.

Yoga Therapy for Fearless Living

Type:  Very gentle   |    Length60 mins   |   When:  Thursdays@ 9AM    |   Teacher:  Patricia Alonso

Have you ever given up on a dream because fear got the best of you? You’re not alone. What’s the only thing standing in your way? Fear of failure? Fear of not being good enough?

Fear thwarts your ability to express your purpose, give and receive love, and realize your dreams. Fear is insidious and a trickster. It’s also a great teacher


Yoga Therapy for Balance

Type:  Very gentle   |    Length60 mins   |   When:  Friday @ 9AM    |   Teacher:  Patricia Alonso

Yoga therapy can help to improve our balance.  At any age, balance, agility, speed, coordination, and power are vital for daily living.

When you fall, whether it’s falling out of a pose on your mat or in daily life, quick reaction time is your key to preventing injury. You want your body to have the capacity for speed, 


Open your Heart ~ Yoga of Resilience

Type:  Hatha Yoga  |    Length60~75 mins   |   When:  Saturdays at 10AM    |   Teacher:  Patricia Alonso

Yoga of Resilience!  Movement is a form of nourishment, and these days, many of us are malnourished by a diet of too much sitting, not enough variety in our movements, and insufficient core stimulation.

We offer methods leading to practical and holistic strategies that improve stability,