Yoga Etiquette


Yoga is practiced in bare feet.  Upon arrival, please remove your shoes and place them at one of the cubbies by the entrance or inside the yoga room

Sign up Online!

Save yourself time by signing up and paying for your class in advance.   If this is your first class, make sure you have signed the non-liability online and your profile is set up with your correct information.   Please have a valid ID with you when you arrive for your first class. (more…)

No Cell Phones

We strive so you get the best experience during class.   Choose to unplug and focus on your practice and please leave your phone in your car.   However, if you must bring it with you, make sure to turn it off before entering the studio.


Drink water throughout the day, during and after practice.  If you forget your water, we have reverse osmosis filtered water in the studio and disposable cups.   We don’t provide plastic cups, but you can bring your own reusable bottle to fill.   We also have bottles of water available for purchase.

Arrive Early

Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before class, so you have enough time to settle down without rushing.   If this is first visit with us, anticipate your arrival at least 15 minutes in advance, so we get a chance to greet you, make sure you have properly signed up, give you a quick tour to the studio and quick orientation to the class itself.

Yoga Attire

The best way to practice yoga is wearing a form fitting attire.  Avoid extremely tight clothes that might restrict your movement, as well as very baggy t-shirts.   Men are allowed to be shirt-less during class.