Awakening Shakti ~ Vigorous Fire Vinyasa

Type:  Very vigorous.  Warm room at 86°   |    Length: 90 mins   |   When:  Monday thru Friday @ 5.30AM;;  Sat @ 8.30AM    |   Teacher:  Patricia Alonso

Discover kundalini Shakti, “The power of becoming” thru a vigorous fire vinyasa.  First of all, we approach yoga to harness the alchemical energy called kundalini shakti.  As a result, this powerful, experiential class opens the body’s core channels and invokes the Sacred energy within the body and mind.

Therefore, as you learn to connect with your own energy, you experience what it means to engage and open the awakened heart, joining your individual heart with the Universal Heart.

Based on Parayoga & Viniyoga tantra teachings of understanding inner energy.  Most noteworthy, this class is an invitation to explore an energetic approach to hatha and meditation practice. Therefore, every session becomes a transformative experience.’

  This class is NOT suitable for beginners, seniors or pregnant clients.   To attend must have at least 6 months of practice