Kent Pilkington

I was introduced to yoga about a decade ago. I had recently been diagnosed with type II diabetes. I’d tried a bunch of different things to get it under control. They weren’t working. Living in Lewisville at the time, I found my way to The Blue Anjou yoga studio and began my recovery process with amazing teachers like Deanna Shires, Debbie Simon, and Leila Cranford. 
The guidance and acceptance that I experienced in the yoga community set me

 on a path that has literally saved my life, and been life-changing not just with my body, but with my mind and spirit. It also inspired me to do the same for others here at Shakti Yoga Center.
So who am I? In addition to being a yogi, I’m a meditator, djembe drummer, artist, poet, reiki healer, sci-fi geek, photographer, website designer, technology entrepreneur, marketing consultant, public speaker, and workshop leader.
But most importantly, I’m a person who is excited about knowing each one of YOU, and how the things I’ve learned from my practice can benefit YOUR life.