About us

We are a group of dedicated yoga practitioners eager to share teachings of traditional Hatha Yoga.   We strive to guide an intelligently structured  yoga practice that focuses on the breath, not on perfecting the pose, and that prepares the student to sit in stillness and rejoice in the sweetness of meditation.

“The breath is the primary tool through which you will be able to access what’s actually happening in your body. It’s the primary tool to activate change in your structure at a deep level, and it’s the primary tool to link your conscious awareness to the process of change. So think of the breath as an internal flashlight, microscope, viewfinder, that helps you discover what’s going on.” ~ Gary Kraftsow 

We teach yoga from the heart!   As an inclusive path for transformation of Body, Mind & Spirit, that prepares you on the mat to succeed and thrive out in the world.

All our teachers are Certified and have years of experience both practicing and teaching yoga in group and private settings.  We welcome the opportunity to have you in a group class or work with you privately to customize a practice that supports your Physical, Emotional & Energetic goals.