About us

Welcome to Shakti Yoga Center!  My name is Patricia, I’m the owner of this lovely space.  We opened our doors on August 1st, 2016.  It’s been a challenging but rewarding journey.  

Shakti Yoga Center is the response to the call of my heart.  I have not only invested financial resources to make it thrive but most importantly I have infused this space with lots and lots of love and dedication.   I hope you can sense our devotion when you visit us, and that you feel at home.  

My team is a group of trust-worthy teachers who are dedicated yoga practitioners.   We all strive to guide intelligently structured  yoga practices that focuses on the breath, not on perfecting the pose, and that prepare each student to sit in stillness and rejoice in the sweetness of meditation.

We teach yoga as an inclusive path for transformation of Body, Mind & Spirit.   Come get prepared on the mat to succeed and thrive out in the world!

We look forward to have you in class.  Most of our group classes are beginner’s and senior’s friendly.    We also have several opportunities that are prenatal friendly.  

Last, we are equally available to work privately or semi-privately to customize a practice that supports your specific Physical, Emotional & Energetic goals.  

Patricia Alonso

Patricia Alonso began her yoga journey in 2001 and her love for the practice led her to become a 200HR certified yoga teacher in 2006, and followed up with 500hr in 2010.   Since 2011 she has studied extensively in the Parayoga tradition of Tantra Yoga to further her personal practice, under the guidance of her beloved teacher Yogarupa, Rod Stryker.  She became an initiated of the Tantric Sri Vydia lineage in 2013.    Later on the fall of 2013


Aminah Toor

My name is Aminah Toor, I prefer to go by Mia. I grew up in the Dallas metroplex, and attended the University Of Mississippi where I achieved my English BA and my Psychology Degree. and was originally introduced to yoga when I was 12 and fell in love with the philosophy and practice. I am 500 hour RYS certified yoga instructor in ashtanga, hatha, raja, and Bhakti yoga. I love my yoga practice and sharing the empowerment and beauty of yoga with others. (more…)

Dee Dee Burington

Dee Dee has a accomplished background of gymnastics, dance, aerobics, musical theater and more. She started teaching Yoga in 2006 and while looking for a traditional and well rounded school she is receiving her 200 RYT at Yoga Tree. She loves helping others balance their lives and believes that through yoga everyone can become more flexible to withstand the winds of impermanence. (more…)

Joshua Boucher

Joshua is a 500 Hr RYT Instructor whose passion for teaching extends from a simple theory: Life seeks growth. Growth occurs with presence. Presence is developed with awareness. Awareness is most readily available through physical challenges.

His practice helps him rediscover the vitality he enjoyed as an active youth, and the peace Joshua discovers in overcoming challenges on the mat translates 


Michelle Gutierrez

Michelle “Michie” Gutierrez danced her way through her childhood in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She began teaching Zumba in Dallas, receiving her certification in 2010. As a teacher she was inspired by seeing her students connect with their body via movement. Michie found Zumba/dance to be a powerful practice for setting people free from their hangups about size, shape and skill, and using movement as a form of self love.


Tim Franz ~ QiGong & Tai Chi

Many years ago, I worked in San Francisco close to Chinatown and I walked through a park each morning and I’d see several Chinese men doing a slow-motion dance.  I found it fascinating, so I asked around about what where they are doing.  The people in my office called it shadow boxing, it was only later that I learned it was Tai Chi.


Daniel Katsük ~ Guest Teacher

Daniel Katsük is a music therapist, songwriter, author, producer, voice actor, Kundalini Yoga instructor, graphic designer, music teacher and all around creative MacGyver, currently based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Picking up the guitar at thirteen, songs came quickly.


Denae Richards ~ Guest Teacher

As a Certified Sound Practitioner, Denae has been studying & practicing sound for many years.  Sound has been a part of her life since early childhood, playing the piano, singing in the choir,  playing saxophone in high school & college. After experiencing gongs and singing bowls for the first time, she was immediately drawn to sound in a way she had never before experienced. (more…)

Osten Aune ~ Guest Teacher

Osten Aune husband married for 46-years, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, Lay Speaker of the United Methodist Church, member of Arapaho U.M.C., Hatha Yoga teacher and Gong Journeyman, apprentice to Gong Master’s Barbara Cole and Kenny Kolterand student of Ven. Tashi Nyima. Member of the “Awakening Heart” Sanga and Drum Circle at the Dallas Meditation Center.


Hema Jagada ~ Guest Teacher

Hema’s life has been an abundance of all things Ayurveda, especially spices. Spices have played a central role in her culinary life for as long as she can remember. “I have memories of being absolutely mesmorized by all the spices and herbs that my mother would so elaborately sprinkle into the large pots of fragrant food. Spices were always the stars of most dishes. (more…)

Sangeeta Pathak ~ Guest teacher

Growing up in India Sangeeta learned Sanskrit in school and at home as mantras but
when it came to teaching Sanskrit Mantras and Indian languages to her American born
children she really had to look beyond what she knew. As a Yoga teacher she makes
Sanskrit and Mantras accessible to all by simplifying and demystifying it.


Stephanie Zucco, LMT ~ Guest Teacher

Bio coming soon