300HR Training

      In Depth Yoga Studies & 300HR Certification


Limited space available to ensure an intimate learning environment. 

9-month program focused on developing a personal practice and to receive a 200HR Certificate
Additionally up to 6 month of mentorship style training to become a 300HR graduate
Enrollment is open NOW.  First weekend session begins January 29, 2021.   

Apply now by paying your deposit of $250 to secure your space.    A pre-payment plan is available for those enrolling by May 30th, 2020.


Full price is $3,000 for 200HR certification

Additional fee of $1,250 for 300HR completion.

  • $600 discount available for those who pay in full at the time of enrollment.   Enrollments will close 2 months prior to start date.
  • Early bird discount of $400 if we receive your deposit by May 30th.  Balance of $2350 will be broken in 6 monthly payments of $392.00.   All participants must be paid in full prior to program start date.
  • All enrollments after June 1st are also eligible for a payment plan, by depositing $500 and the balance will be broken in monthly payments that cover the remaining balance by November 29th, 2020

  • Module 1: Introduction to Yoga and Sanskrit immersion taught by The American Sanskrit Institute
  • Module 2: Principles of Breath & Movement
  • Module 3:  Intensive study of Asana (postures) part 1
  • Module 4:  Intensive study of Asana (postures) part 2
  • Module 5: Principles of observation and teaching methodology
    • Principles of Asana adaptation
  • Module 6: Principles of Safe Sequencing in Asana 
    • Introduction to practice teaching asana
  • Module 7: Foundations of Ayurveda and principles of energetics
  • Module 8: Introduction to breath adaptation, pranayama and meditation
    • Recaka, Kumbaka, Antar kumbhaka, etc
    • Krama, Ujajji, Nadi Shodana
    • Pratyahara, Dhyana and Dharana
  • Module 9: Yoga Philosophy and Ethics
    • Business of yoga


We are proud to present our In Depth Yoga Studies & Teacher’s Training Program.   The curriculum in designed to deepen your knowledge and application of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Sanskrit, Yoga Philosophy & Ayurveda.

The faculty has more than combined 30 years of study with Yoga Masters, and teachings rooted in the Viniyoga lineage from Krisnamacarya (and his ancestor Nathamuni), and in the Himalayan Tantric Sri Vydia lineage by Parayoga.

Upon completing the training you will have the knowledge to build your own personal practice, deepen your understanding in Yoga and establish a profound foundation for spiritual growth in tradition. Additionally, you will have the tools to sequence and teach a safe class both in a private and group settings.

Graduates will be eligible to become 300HR Yoga Alliance Certified Teachers, once all courses and homework have been completed.